The Municipality of Derik Signs Friendship and Co-operation Agreement with Co-operative German Cities Organisation

This is a translation of an Arabic article that appeared on Hawar News on 18 October, 2018

A delegation from the Co-operative German Cities Organisation visited the People’s Municipality in Derik in order to establish relations in many fields and exchange expertise and opinions.

The delegation included two members of The Co-operative Societies of German Cities, Edith Dunklitt and Dr Hans Walter Kleif. The delegation was welcomed by two co-chairs of the People’s Council in Derik, Rogen Jeto and Fermez Hamo.

The delegation brought a letter from the Municipality of Berlin to co-ordinate with the People’s Municipality in Derik and sign a co-operation agreement between the two cities.

The agreement is:

  • Exchange visits from civil organisations and student delegations.
  • Exchange practical ideas and experiments in education.
  • Co-operation between schools, churches and other institutions.
  • Share cultural activities by showing films, exhibitions, dance shows, theatre and music.
  • Discuss important matters together.
  • Co-operate and work closely in women’s organisations, universities, libraries and museums.
  • Work together in the protection of the environment, the economic development including the development of co-operative societies and develop and improve the infrastructure.

The visit continued for two weeks, through which the delegation was taken to various departments of the municipality, the civil institutions in Derik, historical sites, and the rest of the cities in the Jazira region.