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The Inauguration of the First Women-Managed Dairy Factory in Rojava

This post originally appeared in Arabic on Kongreya Star’s website, June 3rd, 2016

The subsidiary consumer co-operative of the Women’s Commission in Afrin canton inaugurated Brevan Dairy Factory amidst celebrations, with the cooperation of Siham Bary organisation. It was attended by many people from Afrin, representatives of the democratic self-governance in the canton and members of Siham Bary organisation.

The celebrations started with speeches by the Vice President of the Women’s Commission in Afrin canton, Delshan Mohammad, and Fidan Ibrahim, a member of Hamid Shekho organisation. The speeches signified the importance of such projects that aim to activate the role of women in society. They also stated that this move is to enhance the participation and economy of women in the stifling conditions of the siege.

After the speeches, Fidan Abrahim, the father of Shoresh, cut the ribbon, and all the attendants went in the factory to see how the machines work. The celebrations ended with people shouting slogans that support the resistance of the people’s and women’s protection units in Rojava.

The factory with the management of women is considered the first of its kind in the province.