Tender Announced for Harvesting Cooperative Crops

This is a translation of an Arabic article that first appeared on Hawar News on 24 April, 2017.

The Administration of Agricultural Cooperatives in Hasakah [Hesekê / Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah]  announced a tender for harvesting the crops of cooperative societies.

The Administration had allocated 13,000 dunams [decares] of agricultural land in the regions of East Dam, West Dam and the village of Bahiah for the planting of barley by agricultural cooperatives in which hundreds of people have participated, mostly from Hasakah.

With the advent of the barley season, the Administration announced that bids should be submitted in sealed bid envelopes.

Some important bidding requirements are:

  • The model of the harvester truck that will be used for harvesting should not be of lower quality than John Deere 1177.
  • Bidders should not have less than three harvester trucks, in addition to tractors and trailers to transport the crops, a management of harvester trucks and a barley storage facility.
  • The harvester trucks should be from the communes of Hasakah.
  • The bags of barley should be stored in one place, to be decided by the Administration of Agricultural Cooperatives.
  • The price for harvesting the crops is 700 SYP [Syrian Pounds] per dunam.
  • The winner should meet the deadlines set by the Agricultural Committee.
  • The management of the harvester trucks accepts liability for not meeting required standards, like grain hygiene and throwing barley spikes.
  • Bids should be submitted from 24 April to 2 May. Bids will not be accepted after 3 May.