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Star Women’s Cooperative Gathers Interest in Amude

This post originally appeared on Jinha News Agency, 13th October, 2016

Roza Hiso/JINHA

AMÛDÊ- As the interest in traditional clothes sewn for women by cooperative opened within the structure of the municipality in Amûdê city, women’s economy has been formed with different projects.

Star Women’s Cooperative was opened on March 7 within the structure of the municipality in Cizîr Canton’s Amûdê city. The traditional clothes sewn in the cooperative arouse the interest of women. Coza İsmail from the administrator of Amûdê People’s Municipality gave information about the works of the cooperative. Coza said their purpose is to keep the Kurdish culture alive and they sew all kinds of models with fabric brought from Amûdê, Qamişlo and Federal Kurdistan Region.

Coza noted that they sew the clothes seasonably and they also sew dresses upon the demand of women. Coza said they have different projects for women and aim to raise the number of the projects. Coza said, “We want to raise our projects; however, we are in financial difficulties. We want to open a café for women in the second floor. We are planning to use upstairs as reading section and downstairs as conversation section. We will plant olive trees, too.”

Beyan İzedin, who works for the cooperative, said the cooperative opened at 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Beyan stated that the most interest in the clothes is during feasts or special days. She said instead of buying clothes, women prefer to rent them. Beyan said, “Renting clothes gives the women moral support. The women’s interest in the clothes makes us happy.”