“Social economy is the foundation of the democratic nation”

This report was published by the Women’s Economy Committee of Kongra Star Women’s Movement in North and East Syria on 21 February, 2022

On 20 February, 2022, the first conference of the Economy and Agriculture Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) was held under the motto “Social economy is the foundation of the democratic nation”.

The conference took place in the Serdem Hall in Hasakah city with the aim of discussing the work of Board for the past year and to announce future plans for the development of economy and culture in the city.

In the conference, the co-chairs of the economy and culture departments and committees of the seven autonomous administrative areas of North and East Syria joined 150 representatives of offices and institutions from the region.

The conference began with a minute of silence to pay respect to those who have died in the struggle, and many speeches were made in the conference. Then, the decisions made for the work of 2021 were read out and the reality of the current year discussed. Lectures were held on the economy.

A lot of work and planning for the new year followed, and several decisions were made with the aim of improving the situation of the economy and agriculture.

The conference ended with several decisions:

  • A High Economic Council of North and East Syria will be established
  • Strategic and future plans will be made to map the economic policy of the Autonomous Administration
  • Increase financial support to the industry for agricultural materials
  • Private fuel stations for the agricultural department will be renovated and additional Newroz company branches added
  • The needs of agriculture should be met at the appropriate times
  • Circulars related to the drilling of wells should be reviewed
  • Work will be done to establish a foundation of data based on sound principles
  • Special census offices should be activated with livestock and agricultural areas
  • Actively manage public property to protect it from abuse
  • Water data should be managed through perspectives on irrigation with innovative methods.
  • Work should be done on the repair of dams and irrigation canals
  • Educational and vocational courses are to be added
  • Work will be done to encourage internal financing, as well as work on encouraging social economy
  • A television program should be prepared for one hour a week to discuss social economy issues, along with brochures and leaflets on social economy.