Sarhad Farm: a New Livestock Co-op in Derik

This is a translation of an Arabic article by Najbir Osman that first appeared on hawarnews on 3 June, 2017

Sarhad Farm is the second biggest livestock-breeding project in Derik. The project is expected to be launched within one month, and it will be owned by a co-operative society with 400 members.

In their attempt to establish more economic projects and co-operatives to improve the economy of the region and create more jobs, the committee observing co-operative societies in Derik has started a project called Sarhad Farm, and it will be mainly for raising sheep. The project is the second biggest livestock-breeding project in Derik, after the Dicle cattle-raising project.

Sarhad belongs to a co-operative society with members in Derik who have a limited income. The co-op includes 400 members, with a membership fee of 60,000 SYP [Syrian Pounds].

Hussein Adam, an administrator in the committee that observes co-operative societies in Derik, said that the objective of these projects is to develop the economy of the region and to create jobs. This project will also be an additional source of income for many people, and will provide milk and dairy products.

400 heads of sheep in the first stage

The project will be established on a piece of land with an area of eight dunams [decares] in the village of Khanh Meshki in the Braf area. It includes four hectares for raising sheep, with each hectare giving enough space for 100 sheep.

According to the administrator Hussein Adam, 90% of the project has already been accomplished. The project will also include a feed store, a house for the shepherd and a well somewhere close to the farm. Electricity has already been supplied, and Adam confirmed that the project will be ready for launch within a month.