Message from Kongra Star for 8 March: Our struggle is freedom, victory to our resistance!

Message from the women of Rojava, by Kongra Star, 6 March 2020

We, the women of Rojava, have been organising under the umbrella organisation Kongra Star since 2005 and are represented today in all areas of life. From the municipalities to self-defence, politics, education and economy, women are autonomously organised in all areas of life. Like cells, which form the entire human body, up to the tissue, which gives the body its structure and renews itself every day, women also play an essential role in social life. Therefore, the organisation of women means also the creation of consciousness and the animation of the whole society. With this consciousness we as Kongra Star have grown and built our organisation in all towns and villages of Rojava.

Since the beginning of the women’s revolution in Western Kurdistan, we have established ourselves in a confederal system. We are undoubtedly aware that the roots of our women’s organisation in North and East Syria are deep in the heritage of universal millenary struggles of women as well as the current struggles of women worldwide against the system of male domination. Uprisings are a tradition of Kurdish women. From the beginning of the revolution until now, we have attached the greatest importance to self-defence and have strengthened it. We know that self-defence is necessary for us as women and that this requires above all an organisational and ideological defence against attacks. With the same determination and strength we have protected the women of this region from IS and any other form of occupation of society until today.

The ruling system has established patriarchal consciousness and sexism in all phases of history, in every place and in every society. Male domination, based on the enslavement of women, has become firmly established everywhere, in every region of the world. Women have organised themselves against this system, have joined forces in all places, from Chile to Mexico, from Lebanon to Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Kurdistan, from Latin America to the Middle East, in all regions of the world, and have risen up against the attacks of male domination. There is no doubt that these women’s uprisings are valuable and have a great impact, but it’s not enough to attack the dominant male system. We need a sustained, systematic and organised struggle. Above all, we need a mental revolution that encompasses a broad spectrum of struggles with the democratic, ecological paradigm and the paradigm of women’s liberation.

Beyond social sexism, women need to build a society based on matriarchal values. For this reason, a new self-administrated system must be built up with the fields of politics, philosophy, economy, culture, science, diplomacy, self-defence and protection of nature.

This is why we declare the 21st century the century of women. That’s why 8th of March 2020 is an important and more special day compared to previous years. The uprisings of women in many different countries have already brought great progress. In all parts of the world, several women’s organisations have fought against oppressive policies of their countries and against patriarchal occupying forces.

As Kongra Star, we will continue our various actions around and related to International Women’s Day on March 8th with the slogan “Our struggle is freedom, victory to our resistance!” With the same slogan we celebrate all women on March 8th, which is the courageous legacy of women all over the world. As women, we must struggle at every moment of our lives. Locally and internationally. We must unite every single uprising and ensure our success together.


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