Nowruz Pickle-Making Factory Opens in Rojava

This is an translation of an Arabic article by Hyuwa Mahumud that first appeared on Hawar News on the 06/09/2017.

The Families of Martyrs Committee in Amuda [Amûdê / Amouda] have established Nowruz Cooperative for pickle production, after obtaining all the necessary equipment for the factory. Their aim is to develop the communal economy and help the families of martyrs.

Nowruz is in south of Amuda, on the road that connects it with Hasakah [Hesekê / Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah]. 2000 square metres have been allocated for the factory. Four women and one man, who are family members of martyrs, work in the factory.

92 families, who are also family members of martyrs, have joined the cooperative society and work to clean, cut and can the vegetables, such as peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage.

The products will be distributed in the markets of Amuda, and according to Mohammed Saed Farso, a member of the Committee, the wholesale price is going to be 1,110 SYP [Syrian Pounds] and the retail price will be 1,250 SYP.

Mohammed said that they are receiving a lot of demand from buyers, and the project will be expanded in the future.

Empty plastic jars are being imported from Bashur [South Kurdistan / North Iraq], and there is a project to make empty plastic jars in order to avoid imports, which affects the local production and prices. For example, imported jars cost the consumer 400 SYP per jar, while the locally made jar costs 100 SYP per jar.