Make Rojava Green Again Picture Gallery May 2019

This text and gallery was published by Make Rojava Green Again, 6 June, 2019

In the first half of May, the area surrounding our academy was still green. The temperatures were staying below 30 degree Celsius and we managed to spend most of the day outside taking care of our gardens and finishing up the last bits of tree planting. We also opened a completely new area, where we planted mostly olive trees.

With time, the weather changed very fast. The last rain drop fell in the beginning of May, and since then, temperatures have been gradually increasing, now reaching up to 40 degrees. For the work outside, we are now watering the trees and plants. In the meantime, we are also finishing up some other construction work and small repair work around our academy.

We also had the chance to go to Qamislo again and see the site where a recycling factory for plastic trash is planned for the future. We will share more about this project in the next weeks. For the next months it is important for us to increase our connections within Rojava and the different structures of the self-administration.

During May there was also the 2nd Global Climate Strike on May 24th. We also participated, together with the students of the Rojava University, under the name of Fridays For Future – Rojava. We went to the streets and took part in a cleaning action to clean the streets of Qamislo.

In many European cities, such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Zürich, Geneva, Copenhagen and Barcelona, activists of Make Rojava Green Again participated on the same days in the climate strike demonstrations and were giving speeches.

Tomorrow and Saturday (June 7-8), the 3rd Global Hasankeyf Action Day will happen. This mega project and the dam/water policy of Turkey in general are one of the main reasons for the ecological challenges we face here in Rojava. You can find more information on Hasankeyf in this report and this report and this short movie.

We want to take the chance to thank all the people who supported our work in the last months. Only with your help is the work here possible!