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Local resistance, international fighters. 26/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #06

This report was originally posted by Internationalist Commune, 7 March, 2018.


Demonstation in Mabeta and last goodbye to Sehid Baran

One of the aims of the civil convoy in which we came to Afrin, is to give strength and hope to the people and cities who are suffering the attacks from the turkish army. Mabeta is a city where the bombing had been intensified in the last days, and together with local people from the city, the coordination of the convoy had been organizing a demonstration. We go there to show solidarity and to met the people resisting in that city. At he evening, we have an appointment with a internationalist fighter from Spain in the ranks of YPG international. He just came back from the defense positions of YPG that turkish army is bombing. Before to talk with him, we visit the grave of Baran Galicia, the first martyr from the spanish state who died defending the revolution of Rojava.