Kurdish Diaspora in Germany Establish MED Production and Distribution Cooperative

This is a translation of a Turkish language article originally published by Yeni Ozgur Politika, 28 June 2016

In Düsseldorf, Germany, the MED Production and Distribution Cooperative has begun its activities after a period of preparation. The cooperative, founded through an initiative of a group from Kurdistan including tradesmen and lawyers, held an opening congress in Düsseldorf, Germany last weekend.

Among the attendees were nearly 50 tradesmen from Kurdistan, as well as Yüksel Koç, co-president of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK – E), HDP deputy Tuğba Hezer, and Numan Oğur, representative of Kurdish National Congress (KNK).

Following a minute of silence at the Goethe Saal, the congress began with the identification of delegates and election of a council. Yüksel Koç, on behalf of the KCDK-E, stated that the people of Kurdistan take these initiatives very seriously, and wished the participants success.

The goal is quality and affordability

HDP deputy Tuğba Hezer made an evaluation of the political process in Kurdistan and recent development, remarking that the work of the Kurdish diaspora in Europe was very valuable.

Niyazi Öztaş, a founding member, gave a presentation on the goals of the cooperative and the projects they want to undertake. Öztaş stated that the main goals of the MED Production and Distribution Cooperative were to provide economic benefit for its members, provide services and facilitate more affordable products for its members needs with cooperating firms.

Lawyer Nihat Kaygalak, another founding member, read the draft charter of the cooperative. Following exchanges of opinion and discussion among delegates, the charter was accepted.

The founding congress was concluded with the elections of the executive and supervisory boards.