Handcraft Workshops in Qamishlo Ensure Economic Independence to Women

This report was published by ANF English on 12 January, 2021

The Jazira Region Cultural Committee continues to work to strengthen the role of women in society. Handcraft workshops are one of the economic projects carried out to support women and ensure their economic independence.

The Handcraft Workshop, established in Qamishlo in 2017, serves also to protect the cultural specificity of the region through the making of local clothes. Small scale workshops also offer great economic support to women. Many women learned different handcraft skills in these workshops and acquired a profession.

Daily use, ornaments, art and clothing items are produced in the workshop. Launching the manufactured products at affordable prices means getting support from the people. The women working in the workshops also participated in many festivals. There have been three local fashion festivals in Qamishlo so far.

Cihan Ebdulxefur, one of the workshop executives, told ANHA that the workshop focused on the production of folklore outfits. Drawing attention to the high interest in local clothing, Ebdulxefur added that she has been trying to develop her interest in art since primary school.

Rîham Keko, another woman from the workshop, said: “I have been working in this workshop for two years. I learned a profession here. I started to overcome many difficulties. I am very happy to work here. I want all women to come to the workshop and work to ensure their economic independence.”