“Green Braids” Campaign to Plant Four Million Trees in Syria’s Northeast

This report by Hogir Abdo was published by North Press Agency on 23 February, 2021

On Tuesday, the Green Braids Initiative began transplanting seedlings as part of the second phase of the campaign to plant four million trees in northeast Syria.

The initiative was launched last fall by a group of volunteers in the city of Qamishli to confront desertification and improve environmental conditions within a maximum period of five years.

Volunteers in Qamishli began on Tuesday to transplant the seedlings in the Green Braids Nursery in Rojava University garden in the Hilaliyah neighborhood.

“The project falls within the framework of sustainable development projects to increase green spaces and create an environment through several activities and stages”, said Mahmoud Jaqmaqi, member of the initiative team.

Jaqmaqi added in an interview with North Press that “If these events do not turn into a societal culture, our efforts will definitely remain incomplete, and this is the problem we are facing.”

“The numbers of the seedlings that have been accomplished so far are good, but they are still substandard,” Jaqmaqi noted.

Through their Facebook account, the organizers of the initiative called on administrative and civil institutions to support the initiative and help improve environmental conditions.

The volunteers, including students, employees, writers and intellectuals, work between 9am and 5pm to prepare the seedlings for planting at a later time.

The Rojava University Nursery is the second within the initiative after the Afrin Nursery, which has been equipped with about 30,000 seedlings, according to Jaqmaqi.

The initiative chooses to grow forest trees that grow in multiple weather conditions to provide good vegetation aesthetically and healthily.