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From Kobane to Afrin under the bombs of Turkish army 22/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #02

This report was originally posted by Internationalist Commune, 26 February, 2018.


We passed the night with a family of Kobane. They shared everything with us. Early in the morning we continued our way to Afrin and some people from Kobane also join the convoy, we were almost 50 buses. We crossed the check point of the syrian regimen after several hours. In the night, when we were in the region of Afrin, we started to hear the bombing. The bombs were more and more close and at some point the convoy stopped in the middle of the road and turned off the lights. We were waiting in a line attached to the wall. Turkey started to bomb us directly and all the people started to run away. Some people were injured. We got splitted off around a village. Some people could reach the city center of Afrin, that was 10 km far away from where the convoy was stopped, other people couldn’t reach the city and passed the night in a house of villagers, that showed their solidarity in that difficult situation.