Foam factory covers demand, produces new products in Syria’s Derik

This report by by Salam al-Ahmed was published by North Press Agency on 4 February, 2021

A factory in Derik countryside, northeast Syria, has been producing rebound foam for more than two years, and is the first of its kind in the Syrian Jazira region.

Since the opening of the factory between the towns of Jil Agha and Girke Lege in 2001, it has secured part of the region’s needs for mattresses made of foam. Factory owner Muhammad Abdulaziz said that the rebound foam that his factory produces is of good quality, and its prices are acceptable compared to other types. He started with the idea of producing this type of foam in light of the region’s lack of a factory producing it, in addition to its advantages.

“We classify this type as excellent, and it is medically recommended for back pain patients, as it is characterized by high pressure,” Abdulaziz added.

This factory provides job opportunities for the locals, as there is a sewing workshop attached to the factory for making mattress and cushion covers, in addition to the shipping truck and the factory employees.

Factory worker Abdulrazaq Muhammad is responsible for cutting the foam. “I have been working here for three months. I am working on the cutting machine,” he explains. Muhammad said that he is paid 150,000 Syrian pounds (SYP) per month. “The salary is not commensurate with the high prices, but we are forced to work, but the bonus and rewards reduce our burden,” he adds.

The factory owner expressed the difficulties that face him, since the machines are expensive and require expertise, in addition to the marketing difficulties. “We face difficulties in marketing our production. It is something new in the region. Customers hesitate before trying something new. We need an entity that helps in foam marketing.”