Families of Martyrs Bakery Co-operative to Secure People’s Need for Bread

This is a translation of an Arabic article by Kalthuma Ali first appeared on Hawar News on 4 July, 2018

The Council of Family of Martyrs in Girkê Legê is working with the Union of Co-operative Societies in Jazira Canton to finish setting up the Families of Martyrs Bakery Co-operative, which costs about 40 million Syrian pounds. The daily production capacity will be about 12 tons of bread.

The bakery project will be finished in a few months, and once it’s ready it will be supervised by a co-operative society that includes families of martyrs. So far, the number of participants has reached 270. Each participant can buy a maximum of 5 shares at the cost of 100,000 SYP per share. 80% of the participants are families of martyrs.

The bakery will improve the local economy and support the family members of martyrs.

Supervisor Jalud Murry said, “Girkê Legê needs a bakery, and the Union of Co-operative Societies will open similar projects in different cities.”