Eye clinic in Qamishlo officially opened

This report was published by ANF English on 17 February, 2020

In Qamishlo the department of ophthalmology in the heart and eye clinic was opened with the participation of the population.

Since the beginning of the revolution, the Health Council and the Health Committee in the Federation of North and East Syria have been expanding health care for the people under the most difficult conditions and amid the ongoing war in the country. In this context, the Department of Ophthalmology at the Heart and Eye Clinic in Qamishlo was officially opened yesterday.

For a year now, the department for heart patients has been offering many people the opportunity to receive the treatment they need at very low cost or even free of charge. The department of ophthalmology in the hospital, on the other hand, has only just been able to start operations due to a lack of equipment and facilities. Until now, people with eye problems had to travel to Damascus or Southern Kurdistan. This was not possible for many people for different reasons and so they mostly remained without necessary medical treatment.

The department of ophthalmology in the heart and eye clinic was opened yesterday. The opening of the eye clinic was attended by doctors, medical professionals and the local people.

Jiwan Mistefa, co-spokesperson of the health system in the Federation of North and East Syria, officially opened the department with a speech: “For years we have been part of the revolution in which we take historic steps every day. Every day new achievements, made possible by the struggle of the martyrs, can be built up. With today’s opening of the department for the treatment of eye diseases at the Eye and Heart Clinic, a historic step has been taken. It is a step in the implementation of the promise we made to our fallen friends. Together with all people living in the Federation of North and East Syria, we are building a secure life and a democratic homeland. Today’s step leads us further towards a new life together. It is in this spirit that we are opening this eye clinic here today. It is a historic moment for this region. We congratulate on the opening of the clinic and dedicate it to the mothers of the martyrs and the entire population.”