Deir ez-Zor Canton Economic Committee offers support to 23 workplaces

This report was published by ANF English on 15 April, 2024

Within the framework of economic development, the Deir ez-Zor Canton Economic Committee supported 235 workplaces in industrial zones.

The Deir ez-Zor Canton Economic Committee supported 235 workplaces in industrial zones in order to develop industrial work and production. In line with the work carried out and the support provided, employment opportunities are provided to 1,500 families in the canton.

Fatme El Şêx, co-chair of the Industrial Directorate of Deir ez-Zor Canton, said: “The Directorate works to determine the needs and difficulties of workplaces in the industry and to develop solutions for them for the production of local products. On this basis, frequent visits to workplaces are made and studies are carried out. According to the documents of municipalities and councils in 4 regions in the canton, there are 235 workplaces in industries.”

In these workplaces, products such as yogurt, cheese making, nylon, agricultural pipes and desserts are produced. There are also 10 social economy-based businesses in the region that produce products such as cleaning products, nylon rope and sweets.

Fatme El Şêx said: “The Directorate collects basic information such as the name, location and types of machines belonging to the workplaces in question and turns them into a list. The main purpose of this study is to work in cooperation with the Directorate and to provide convenience while meeting the fuel needs. It is very important to provide assistance to industrial facilities to alleviate the problems of the people and improve the economy. It is also important to maintain relations on the right basis.”