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Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries – 21/02/218 On the Road to Afrin

This report was originally posted by InternationalistCommune, February 25, 2018.


We decided to join the solidarity convoy to Afrin. We started our travel in the city of Qamishlo. 38 buses left the city on the 21th of february. The buses were full of moral and happiness. We were singing and dancing all the way. We reached the city of Kobane around 6pm and we passed the night with a family in the city. The aim of the convoy is show the solidarity with the resistance of the people of Afrin. And also our aim, as international commune, is inform about the situation of Afrin and show the solidarity of the internationalist in north of Syria. While Turkey and the rest of the world expects the people to leave we instead decided to come and join the resistance as civilians.