Co-operatives in Til Hemis provide employment and contribute to social economy

Hêzan Co-operative

Chicken-raising co-operative in Til Hemis.

Martyr Xalid Hiso Co-operative

Chicken-raising co-operative in Til Hemis.

This report was published by ANF English on 2 June, 2021

Co-operatives opened in Til Hemis provide employment for citizens and contribute to the social economy.

After the revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria, many co-operatives were established in the region. Hêzan and Martyr Xalid Hiso co-operatives, established in Til Hemis, raise chicks. The co-operatives, aiming at meeting the egg and meat needs of the citizens, are most welcomed. These co-operatives indeed contribute to the livelihood of many families.

Qamishlo Co-operatives Union delivered 2,000 chicks to both co-operatives which have been set up on 10 May. Veterinarians and experts are following the project closely.

Raide El-Mehaid, Director of the Qamishlo Co-operatives Union, told ANHA: “We support families with insufficient financial situation with these projects. We especially want women to take part in projects. These projects provide employment while at the same time they ensure that the needs of citizens for meat and eggs are met.”

Salihiyê Ziyad El-Xıdır, a member of the co-operative, added: “We raise chicks in co-operatives. We want to move the project forward. The project created jobs for us. In this process, where prices are increasing, these projects are essential as they contribute to the social economy.”

There are 12 chick breeding centers in Til Hemis and 40,000 chickens are born every 45 days.