Civil society organizations held founding conference in Syria’s northeast

This report by by Judy Youssef was published by North Press Agency on 17 October, 2021

On Sunday, the founding conference of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Northeastern Syria was held in the city of Qamishli

The goal of this conference is to “build a common ground that brings together civil society organizations and institutions to strengthen and consolidate their role in society,” Nour Ujeil, member of the constituent body of the conference said.    

“The conference will last for two days, and the activities of the first day will include the presentation of the rules of procedures of the Coalition,” she added.

The constituent body of the Coalition consists of 17 organizations.

The conference held today, was attended by representatives of 200 organizations and associations from all regions of northern Syria.

In an exclusive interview with North Press, Ujeil pointed out that the door for organizations to join the coalition of international community organizations will be open, and there will be an election for the board of directors, today, which will consist of 15 male and female members.

The percentage of women’s representation in the board of directors will be 50%, according to Ujeil.