Centre for Co-operative Societies Starts Cultivation Process in Hasakah

Agricultural Co-operatives in Hasakah

There are 14 agricultural co-operatives in Hasakah with vegetable, wheat, and barley production, with 915 members in total.

This is a translation of an Arabic article that appeared on Ronahi on 10 December, 2018

After dissolving the agricultural committees, the Centre for Co-operative Societies has started to cultivate barley in the agricultural land in the Easter Dam. The co-operative has 340 participants, and the size of the land is 10,366 dunams [decares].

Ahmed Mahesh, an administrator in the centre, said in an interview, “We are fully supervising the cultivation process and securing the tools and machines, tractors, seeds and manure, in addition to making a work plan for the cultivation.”

He also said that half of the land will remain uncultivated in order to improve agricultural production in the coming years. He noted that barley will be cultivated this season, and that they will diversify the agricultural produce to nourish the land and keep it healthy with organic materials.