150 Families form Ronak Electric Co-operative

This is a translation of an article written in Arabic that first appeared on Hawar News on 10 August, 2017

The two communes of Shehid Mohammed Amin and Shehid Bahuz, which include 150 families in the Sweis neighbourhood of Qamishlo, have formed an electric co-operative society called Ronak. Their objective is to solve their problems autonomously and serve their neighbourhood. The administration includes seven people, and the price is 1,000 SYP [Syrian Pounds] per amp. The electricity generator will work from 12:00 to 17:00, and from 20:00 to 00:00 on a daily basis.

Mohammed Amin Osman, an administrator in the co-operative, said, ”We will distribute 600 amps to the houses, and the members of the co-operative will receive electricity for 9 hours every day, at the price of 1,000 SYP per amp. While the families who are not members will have 8 hours of electricity every day, at the price of 1,300 SYP per amp. However, there are five poor families who are going to receive electricity for free.”

Amin also said that there had been a generator in the neighbourhood before the formation of the co-operative, but it had many flaws and many people used to complain about it, so the people of the neighbourhood decided to form this co-operative to solve the problem themselves.