Co-operatives Strengthen Women in Rojava

The Kurdish umbrella organisation Kongreya Star supports various cooperatives in Rojava in which women work autonomously and thus stand up for themselves and the community at the same time. There are now 16 new cooperatives in Cizîrê despite the war.

Women’s Co-operatives Promote Collective Work

The women's cooperatives in Tirbespiyê in Northern Syria are working on building alternatives despite the permanent threat of war and have meanwhile become examples of collective forms of work.

All set for opening of Şifajin Health Center in Jinwar

The women are building an alternative to patriarchal society, rediscovering and reestablishing collectively our freedom in an ecological way, health becomes an inescapable topic.

Message from Kongra Star for 8 March: Our struggle is freedom, victory to our resistance!

We, the women of Rojava, have been organising under the umbrella organisation Kongra Star since 2005 and are represented today in all areas of life. From the municipalities to self-defence, politics, education and economy, women are autonomously organised in all areas of life. Like cells, which form the entire human body, up to the tissue,

Two sisters run a carpentry workshop in Raqqa

In Raqqa two sisters have broken the social norm and opened a carpentry workshop. They now work with eight employees. The business is doing well.

​​​​​​​Star FM Enhances Women’s Role in Media

Star FM Radio has been working for two years to become the voice of life and women. With autonomous initiative and a lot of effort, it has reached the society and enhanced women's role in all aspects.

[Video] A Perspective on the War from Jinwar Women’s Village (Part 2)

Rumet Heval in Jinwar (women’s village): Jinwar is a project to build a free life, to find the future by walking there together, to change the world whilst living in the day to day. Crops are grown, bread is baked, children raised. And a new life carved out.

[Video] A perspective on the war from Jinwar women’s village (Part 1)

Rumet Heval, long time Jinwar resident and organiser, gave an interview to Women Defend Rojava from the village. In this first installment, she talks about the current situation, the relationship between science and imperialism, and the need to create a life based around collective women’s organising. The interview will continue…

Havrin Khalaf – A life dedicated to women’s revolution

Hevrîn Khalaf has played an unforgettable role in the women’s revolution of Rojava and for the unity of peoples. She was executed in an ambush by a jihadist gang allied with Turkey. Havrin Khalaf, or Hevrîn Xelef, was born in 1984 in Dêrik city of northern Syria. She grew up as a child in a

Women’s Council of North East Syria urges all women to mobilize

The Women's Council of North and East Syria issued a statement "in the middle of the war that has been forced on our homeland by the Turkish state."

Message from Jinwar Women’s Village in Rojava

Dear Friends of JINWAR! Thank you for you solidarity and support!We really feel all your voices and this has a big meaning for all of us.Situation in our country is really heavy. Turkish State is not stopping attack us, using the dirtiest methods of annihilation as napalm and phosphorous forbidden chemical weapons, they using all

Women and children from JINWAR call you to raise up your voices and take action against this war

Dear friends of JINWAR, We, the women and children from the free women’s village JINWAR in Northern Syria, write this letter to you, who were in contact with us or had the opportunity to visit us. During your time here you could get to know us, our village, and our daily life. You could see