Co-operatives, Experiments and More Participation of Women

Co-operative societies in Tirbespiye have been giving economic support for many families, and contributing in developing the communal economy. Women have played the largest role in establishing and developing these co-operatives.

Women in Tabqa Reinforce their Economic Independence

The Women’s Council in Tabqa organised a meeting with the women who are registered to work in new projects. These projects will be supervised by the Women’s Council there, and will raise awareness about the role of women in society and the importance of these kinds of projects to create more jobs for women, and

Women’s Projects in Rojava – the reality and challenges

Since the start of the popular movement in Syria in the spring of 2011, many civil society organisations have been set up to prioritise women's empowerment. This coincided with the establishment of the self-administration in 2013, and the formation of its structures and institutions, which began to manage affairs in Rojava. In spite of the difficult economic environment and the challenging situation, women have played a significant role in many fields, and are encouraged to find work opportunities to achieve financial independence.

Women’s Projects are Flourishing in Girê Spî

After the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the district of Ayn Îsa from DAESH (ISIS) , in the Northern Syrian province of Girê Spî, the province began to revive. Re-establishing peace and security meant rebuilding a new life under the leadership of women who had played a leading role in regaining freedom.

Profits of Rojava Women’s Agricultural Co-operative Surpass 30 Million SYP

The Women’s Agricultural Co-operative was established in 2015 by Kongreya Star and the Committee of Women’s Economy. It includes 135 members from Derik and the villages of Braaf and Kojerat, who each participated with 65,000 SYP, and planted on 380 dunams of land.
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A New Women’s Radio Station Begins Broadcasting in Rojava

A new women’s radio station, Star FM, began its broadcast in Tirbespiye [Tirbespî / Al-Qahtaniyah] in Northern Syria. The radio was launched by Union of Free Women Northern Syria-Rojava and will broadcast mainly about women related issues. The slogan of the radio is “Star: The voice of the woman and life”. In addition to the residents of
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Kobane • Cooperatives as a tool for women’s empowerment

In a small street in Kobane, the walls surrounding the Kongra Star building – the women’s movement within the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria – house a vast and peaceful garden, green and flowery on this sunny day of late April. The calm is disturbed only by the roar of the generators. In the shade

Kurdish women journalists pioneering a new way of reporting

Kurdish women at Turkey’s only feminist news website, Jin News, and elsewhere are taking a new approach to journalism. This being Turkey, they haven’t escaped pressure: Many have been detained, put on trial or threatened. The only online feminist news website in Turkey is marking International Women’s Day under state censorship. Access to the website

Three Special Agricultural Co-operative Societies for Women Formed in Kobani

Kongreya Star’s Committee of Women’s Economy has formed three special agricultural co-operative societies for women to develop the women’s economy in Kobanî [Kobanê / Ayn al-Arab]. The administrators are also planning to open more co-operatives in different fields. These co-operative societies are formed by people who co-operate voluntarily in order to benefit society economically and culturally through common

Adiba Relies on Shilêr Co-operative to Make Her Living

Adiba Tawoos moved from Aleppo to Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli] seven years ago, and now she works in Şilêr Co-operative [pronounced Shi-lair]. We had an interview with her, she said, “We didn’t have work, but since the Rojava revolution we’ve been getting work opportunities to provide us with our daily bread.” Fifty-four year old Adiba moved to

Women in Afrin Work Communally in Agriculture

A great part of the agriculture in Afrin [Afrîn / Efrîn‎] relies on women’s labour. Women living in rural areas work in agriculture, co-exist with nature and improve their economy. The agricultural work of women is often characterised by collective work; women get together and go to work in the fields and gardens. This scene is

Beit Al-Barakah Co-operative Prepared Winter Supplies in Two Months

The ten workers in Al Barakah Co-operative are about to finish making the winter supplies, such as dried vegetables, pickles, pumpkin jam and olives. The Women’s Council announced the formation of this co-operative, in co-ordination with the Committee of Economy and Municipalities. The co-operative is called Beit Al Barakah [House of Delight], and it aims to get women