The Village of Attala Opens Erisa Bakery Co-operative

Considering the shortage of bread around the villages of Sheddadi [Şeddadê / Shaddadi / Shaddadah], the Committee of Co-operative Societies in Hasakah [Hesekê / Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah] has opened Erisa Bakery Co-operative in the village of Attala, 10 kilometres north of Sheddadi. The project cost 40 million SYP [Syrian Pounds]. The bakery has 500 shares, and the price
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Kobane • Cooperatives as a tool for women’s empowerment

In a small street in Kobane, the walls surrounding the Kongra Star building – the women’s movement within the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria – house a vast and peaceful garden, green and flowery on this sunny day of late April. The calm is disturbed only by the roar of the generators. In the shade

Make Rojava Green Again! Pictures gallery – April 2018

Spring arrived to Rojava, and our work to make Rojava green again is blossoming. We are learning with every step we do, working in a collective way to make our life around the international academy more sustainable and to develop social ecology. We made a visit to the ‘Roj’ greenhouse, were we had been working and

Participation in Planting, Cooperation in Harvesting

Thirty-five participants in an agricultural project managed by The Centre for Economic Development started harvesting what they had planted 3 moths ago. The people in Jandairis [Jindires / Cindarisa / Cindirêsê] have opened four agricultural projects under the direction of the Centre for Economic Development in the canton. The projects included a project to plant 10 hectares of chickpeas in

Rojava’s Jazira Canton now has 87 Co-operatives with 30,000 Members

There are now 87 co-operative societies in Jazira Canton [Kantona Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre], with 30,000 participants [members] between them. The co-operatives provide work opportunities to all the participants, some of whom work in turns by taking three month shifts. The co-operatives have been playing a big role in providing supplies for the markets, stabilising prices and overcoming monopoly. In Qamishlo

How Cooperation is Building Al-Rawda Market in Tabqa

The municipality of the town of Al-Mansura in the eastern part of Tabqa [Tebqa / Al-Thawrah] has started a market project called Al-Rawda in the part of the town near the education centre. The Technical Committee in the town presented this initiative four months ago, based on the principles of co-operation. Their aim was to regulate the

Three Special Agricultural Co-operative Societies for Women Formed in Kobani

Kongreya Star’s Committee of Women’s Economy has formed three special agricultural co-operative societies for women to develop the women’s economy in Kobanî [Kobanê / Ayn al-Arab]. The administrators are also planning to open more co-operatives in different fields. These co-operative societies are formed by people who co-operate voluntarily in order to benefit society economically and culturally through common
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Building Autonomy Through Ecology in Rojava

Rojava – After almost seven years since the war in Syria began, battles between Kurdish-led democratic forces (SDF/YPG/YPJ) and Daesh (IS) have left the Islamic State nearly defeated throughout the region. When Rojava was liberated from direct Syrian government control in summer 2012, this set off a political revolution towards a self-organized democratic society across the northern regions of the

Two Years After Opening, Suz Co-operative Meets Most of Afrin’s Needs

A food enterprise project in the area of Rajo [Reco / Raju] in Afrin [Kantona Efrînê‎ / Afrîn] has achieved great success through the participation of many people who see it as their main choice for buying household necessities. The siege imposed on Afrin by the Ba’athist regime and the mercenary groups has caused inflation and food shortages, therefore Suz Co-operative Society in

Beit Al-Barakah Co-operative Prepared Winter Supplies in Two Months

The ten workers in Al Barakah Co-operative are about to finish making the winter supplies, such as dried vegetables, pickles, pumpkin jam and olives. The Women’s Council announced the formation of this co-operative, in co-ordination with the Committee of Economy and Municipalities. The co-operative is called Beit Al Barakah [House of Delight], and it aims to get women

The First Consumer Co-operative in Manbij Opens

The Economic Committee and the Management of Co-operative Societies in the Manbij [Minbic / Mumbuj] Democratic Civil Administration have opened the first consumer co-operative society in the city. The objective is to establish the concept of co-operative societies and communal work across all the strata of society and to build a democratic society. The co-operative is in

Inanna Agricultural Co-operative Harvests Onions and Garlic

After two months of hard work, Inanna Agricultural Co-operative, which is supervised by Kongreya Star in Afrin has started harvesting the crops of green onions and garlic, and selling them in the markets of the region.