Participation in Planting, Cooperation in Harvesting

Thirty-five participants in an agricultural project managed by The Centre for Economic Development started harvesting what they had planted 3 moths ago. The people in Jandairis [Jindires / Cindarisa / Cindirêsê] have opened four agricultural projects under the direction of the Centre for Economic Development in the canton. The projects included a project to plant 10 hectares of chickpeas in

Stand against the destruction of Hasankeyf: Join the Global Action Day TODAY 28 April

Spring in Hasankeyf is typically a joyful time of new growth – of flowers blooming in the canyons and gardens, of young lambs and kids tottering about on unsteady legs, of wild herbs ripe for the picking and cooking. This year, though, the feeling is more of endings than beginnings as pressure mounts on Hasankeyf shopkeepers to vacate
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Campaign Launched in North Kurdistan [East Turkey] to Boycott Turkish Goods

Activists in the Germiyan region have launched a campaign to boycott Turkish goods, and say Turkish goods should be banned throughout Başurê Kurdistan [North Kurdistan / East Turkey]. As reactions rise against the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Başurê Kurdistan, a campaign has been launched to boycott Turkish goods. Groups of activists came together in

The Antidote to Crisis is the Workers’ Co-operative

Mersin – Making assessments regarding the economic crisis that has ensued from the interior and foreign policies of the government, Associate Professor Selim Çakmaklı argues that “The classes that control production also control politics. The antidote to this anti-democratic rule is the workers’ cooperative.” Associate Professor Selim Çakmaklı, who was discharged from Mersin University by decree

Kurdish women journalists pioneering a new way of reporting

Kurdish women at Turkey’s only feminist news website, Jin News, and elsewhere are taking a new approach to journalism. This being Turkey, they haven’t escaped pressure: Many have been detained, put on trial or threatened. The only online feminist news website in Turkey is marking International Women’s Day under state censorship. Access to the website
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Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women

Coops in the Kurdish Movement, an Emancipation Tool for Women. Two Testimonies. Following the adoption of the democratic confederalism paradigm by the PKK in 2005 as a continuity in the political evolution begun in the nineties, the legal Kurdish movement in Northern Kurdistan (Turkey) began a process of autonomization from the Turkish State. Legal Kurdish Parties
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Bakur: The Fate of Women’s Projects is Unclear

Following the top-down appointment of an administration in the municipality of Nusaybin, Mardin, the future of the ‘Women’s Labour Market’, a project named ‘Jiyana bê sînor’ (Life without limits) is uncertain. The project had been designed with the goals of increasing female employment and creating solidarity between women subjected to all kinds of violence and
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Women’s Projects Forced Under Turkish State Administration

Bakur [North Kurdistan / East Turkey] – After Yıldız Çetin and Zeki Yıldız, the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-Mayors of Payîzawa (Gürpınar), were, like many of their colleagues, removed from office as a result of the State of Emergency, Osman Doğramacı was imposed as Administrator of Payîzawa. One of his first acts in office was
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The Cooperatives of Van, a Model in Development [17.10.15]

In the east of Turkey, next to Iran, we find the province Van [Wan]. Here, the Kurdish movement is developing several projects, including cooperatives for the production and distribution of local food products. These cooperatives are backed by the Economic Commission of the Congress for a Social Democracy (DTK). Some of its objectives consist in
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Kurdish Democratic Confederalism: founded on the self-governance of villages

Since 2010, one of the objectives of the movement for Democratic Confederalism has been the founding of so-called “freedom villages”. These villages place value on democracy, ecology and the equality of women and men. The material and economic basis of these villages are cooperatives. The villages aim to be as self-sufficient as possible.
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The No State Solution: Institutionalizing Libertarian Socialism in Kurdistan

In what many outside of the territory are referring to as the Rojava Revolution, a major shift in political philosophy and political programmatics has taken place in Kurdistan. Yet, this shift is not limited to the region of Rojava, or what many call Syrian or Western Kurdistan – a region where the Democratic Union Party
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Kûrmes: a Communal Village in Bakur

People who live in Kürmes village in the Dersim region solve their problems with collective structures. In the village of 100 inhabitants, there are three different committees, which are mostly made up of women. These committees are tools of collective decision making on all topics which may arise, such as roads, water, nature and environmental protection, the economy or human relationships.