Decisions from Kongreya Star’s Seventh Congress

Important decisions were made at the seventh congress of Kongreya Star. The congress was held under the banner, “We will make the women’s revolution a communal revolution!” The conference was held in Aram Tigran Cultural Centre in the city of Rmelan in the canton of Qamishlo, and it was attended by about 700 representatives.

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced in Ain Issa

The Syrian Democratic Council announced a new unified administration in the areas controlled by the SDF in North and East Syria, after a Thursday meeting that included officials from several local councils.

My Experience with Communes and Committees in Rojava

The commune (komun) system is truly the beating heart of the Rojava revolution. It is based on the premise of Democratic Confederalism, that the power comes from the grassroots level.
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The Internal System of the Electric Co-operatives

An electric generator co-operative is a co-operative society that generates electricity for its beneficiaries, who become members by buying shares.

Social Contract of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria

Here you can read the translation to English of the social contract published in the Vladimir Van Wildenburg blog. You can download the French translation, the German translation, the Spanish translation. Preamble We, peoples of Rojava-northern Syria, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians, Chechens, Circassians, Muslims, Christians, Yezidis, and the different doctrines and sects, recognize that the nation-state has made Kurdistan,

The Internal System of the Communes in Rojava

At present, much policy debate is focusing on whether the U.S. should retain troops in the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern and eastern Syria, as President Trump has made clear his wishes for troops to be pulled out in the near or medium-term. If the U.S. is going to stay in

The Co-operative Contract of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria

A – Definition and Principles The co-operative is a social organisation that does not seek profit, but the fulfilment of the basic needs of society, based on collective work, sharing, solidarity and self-governance. The co-operatives are basic moral-political pillars of the restructuring of society on a democratic foundation. The co-operatives do not limit themselves to
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Introduction to the Political and Social Structures of Democratic Autonomy in Rojava

What goes on in Syrian Kurdistan cannot be reduced to the war against ISIS, and in order to understand the events in Rojava, one should look into the newly established institutions which under the title of the Movement for a Democratic Society (KCK, called TEV-DEM in Rojava) are organizing all the events and fields in Rojava. The lack of research
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How do co-operatives work in Rojava?

This is an official booklet produced by the TEV DEM [Movement for a Democratic Society], by the Board of Agriculture and Economic Development. It lays out the basic principles under which co-operatives in Rojava run, based on decisions made after many meetings, which were attended by all of Rojava's economic committees.

The Experience of Co-operative Societies in Rojava

Our immediate goal is to build more independent and local communes and co-ops. Soil, water and energy are our priorities. We have to approach those projects in a more communal way. Many practical steps have been taken in this area and work is still in progress.

Democratic Autonomy in Rojava

The peace committee talks with the families. If there is violence in a family, the woman can get help from the Asayiş. In Hileli meanwhile it’s socially disapproved for a man to hit his wife—that’s all but come to a stop. In other districts it’s still present in places. Here it was usual for the television to be on 24 hours in an apartment, with Turkish broadcasts in Arabic language—that was a big problem. But when the energy suddenly went off, so did the TVs, and people’s minds were cleared to do something else.

The New PKK: unleashing a social revolution in Kurdistan

For Öcalan, democratic confederalism means a “democratic, ecological, gender-liberated society,” or simply “democracy without the state.” He explicitly contrasts “capitalist modernity” with “democratic modernity,” wherein the formers’ “three basic elements: capitalism, the nation-state, and industrialism” are replaced with a “democratic nation, communal economy, and ecological industry.” This entails “three projects: one for the democratic republic, one for democratic-confederalism and one for democratic autonomy.”