Construction Work Continues in Jinwar, the first Women’s Village in the Middle East

DIRBÊSIYÊ- Construction work continues in Jinwar, the first women’s village in the Middle East. In every new construction in the village, women’s hope for freedom increases. Rojava women, who began their journey with the motto, “The Rojava revolution is a women’s revolution”, appear as fighters or sometimes as politicians. The Rojava revolution has already come to
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Communes form the Foundation of Rojava’s Federal System

TIL TEMIR – In Rojava, historical developments in military, political and social areas are taking place. In Rojava, where a new life is being built led by women, communes are being formed in which all peoples take part. Life is reactivating in Rojava on the basis of a democratic nation. This takes place as the
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We Have Started Young and Young We will be Victorious: An Interview with the Organised Youth of Rojava [YCR]

At the end of October, a delegation of activists from a wide range of social spheres of the emancipatory movement, from the youth movement to representatives of parties, stayed in Rojava and conducted a series of interviews. Many of us did not visit Rojava for the first time and in all areas the change, the
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July 19th Revolution: a Start Toward a Federal, Democratic Syria

The July 19th Revolution, whose spark started in Kobanî [Kobanê / Ayn al-Arab] in 2012, soon echoing in the region and the world, has achieved considerable victories on the military, political, and social levels during the last five years ─ achieving unique progress in leading the community towards democracy and federalism, perceived by observers as the
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David Graeber: Syria, Anarchism and visiting Rojava

DAVID GRAEBER: I was in Syria once. I was in southern Turkey. I was in Iraq. I was in a variety of different areas within the Kurdish territories that are experimenting with direct democracy. Interviewer: Can you tell me about what brought you there, and certainly from the very beginning? DAVID GRAEBER: It was less
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Rojava Administration to Impose Tax System in Northern Syria

The Rojava self-administration in the Cizire [Jazira] canton in northern Syria has started to implement a tax income law to support public services in the region, local sources reported. The tax income will go to support institutions and public services in Cizire canton–Hasakah [Hesekê] province. According to the pro-Rojava administration news agency ANHA, the tax income will
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Communal Economy in Rojava Formed by Women’s Effort

QAMISHLO – In Rojava, women, who are the pioneers of life, are making significant achievements in the field of economy. While many cooperatives have been opened with projects built by Kongreya Star Economy Committee, women form the communal economy by taking their places in working life as part of these cooperatives. Being the pioneers of
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Rojava’s Economics and the Future of the Revolution

Rojava’s economy has been much discussed. Rojava has been lauded by leftists all around the world to be some kind of communal, confederal socialist utopia unparalleled by anything else existing around the world right now, so the question of how the economy in such a mystical place might be organized seems to be an important