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Amed Village Production and Sales Cooperative Initiative, an interview

We [Meydan anarchist newspaper] share with you the interview we have conducted with the Amed Village Production and Sales Cooperative Initiative, practising relations of solidarity and cooperative relations of production and consumption in Amed [Diyarbakır], a city where the economy hegemony and plundering projects of the state are abundant. Meydan: How did the Amed Village Production and

Greenhouses for Autonomy in Van, North Kurdistan

In the village Norkox (Yolaşan) near Payîzava (Gürpınar) in the eastern Turkish province Van [Wan], Metin Demir and Nadir Abdullah started an agrarian initiative for the local population. Usually, the locals travelled every year to western Turkey for seasonal work, but now there is a local alternative: collective greenhouses have been opened. Vegetables, cucumbers, aubergine and
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Women’s Cooperative in Bakur / Southeast Turkey Handed Over to Erdoğan’s Daughter as Part of Ongoing Repression

The Xevasor Women’s Cooperative opened by DBP’s Gürpınar Municipality was handed over by the appointed trustee to KADEM where President Erdoğan’s daughter Sümeyye Erdoğan is vice president. A trustee had been appointed after DBP’s Gürpınar Co-mayors Yıldız Çetin and Zeki Yıldız were removed from office on February 3, 2017. Trustee Gürpınar District Governor Osman Doğramacı