A Cooperative Society Solves Şeddadê Bread Crisis

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sheddadi [Şeddadê / Al-Shaddadah] opened a bakery and formed a cooperative society to run it in an effort to solve the crisis of bread shortage in the region. The production rate of the bakery is 3,000 bags of bread per day. There are 48 members participating in the project so far. Lack of

Socialism in three cantons? A view from Washington

In the ongoing discussions of the social experiment taking place in Rojava, the economic aspect often tends to get neglected. You can read a lot about the military aspect, the war against ISIS, co-operation with US forces and so on, and a lot about the political ideologies, the new decision-making structures that have been set

Could “Communal Economy” be a Distinct Mode of Production?

There are, after all, some things that mix quite well, like salt and pepper, and others that don’t mix at all, like fire and water. As an attempt to mix opposite qualities, is the market more like salt and pepper, or is it more like fire and water? ─Bertell Ollman, Market Socialism: The Debate Among
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Growing the Future in Rojava

Kobanî [Kobanê / Ayn al-Arab] is a small city in northern Syria, part of the self-declared autonomous region of Rojava since November 2013, which, as part of the wider Syrian Civil War, broke away from the national government in a social revolution. The Rojava revolution seeks to establish a system of democratic confederalism, a system

“Neither Communist or Anarchist, it’s a Good Revolution.”

Because of the closing of the borders, getting to Rojava has become more difficult in the past few months. The Turkish border has been closed for years, while the eastern border to Iraqi Kurdistan has more recently been shut down by petrol-president Masud Barzani, who is hostile to the PKK and the PYD, and acted
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Rojava, Syria: A revolution of hope and healing

Rojava is an enclave whose inhabitants have fashioned a place of security, gender equality, economic cooperation, and a unique form of localized direct democracy that has no equivalent elsewhere.  With images of chaos, conflict, and a seemingly endless parade of horrors dominating the mainstream media, the image of Syria that dominates the popular mind is
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Rojava’s Economy is Woven in the Academy

Post-revolutionary work is being undertaken to develop a system of social economy against the pre-revolutionary economic embargo of the Baath regime. One of the most active institutions in the economic struggle in Rojava is the Academy of Social Economy founded in the Jazira Canton [Kantona Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] in 2014 by the TEV-DEM Economic Committee.