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Women Joining the Economy in Syrian Kurdistan

QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— 23 Kurdish and Arab women, most of them displaced from cities such as Aleppo, Damascus, al-Raqqah and Idlib, are working in the Warşîn Cooperative in the city of Qamishlo (Qamishli) in Syrian Kurdistan region (Rojava) to support their families. In Syrian Kurdistan the people are engaged in a struggle to establish a
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“Our Goal is the Development of Cooperatives”

Hassan said that their primary goal is the development of cooperatives and they went ahead with some pilot projects in this area, where they sought to encourage people to set up cooperative societies through communes.

Qamishlo Livestock Cooperative: a Source of Economic Development in Rojava

Qamişlo – Participation increases to 1,500 members in a livestock cooperative formed by the Qamishlo People’s Assembly. The Qamishlo People’s assembly formed the livestock cooperative in October 2016, and membership registration has been open ever since. The Council has allocated a large farm for breeding cattle in Naqara village, about 12km from the city of Qamishlo,