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New book: Struggles for Autonomy in Kurdistan

This book, by Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson, gathers together first-hand accounts of the struggles for a new society taking place in Bakur and Rojava – the parts of Kurdistan within the borders of Turkey and Syria. Kurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. In each of the parts of

Towards Building a Co-operative Economy

The economy is a social, participatory phenomenon and achieving an independent fair social economy is no less important than security, politics and diplomacy. Building a free and fair economy and achieving self-sufficiency begins with the smallest unit in society, which is a commune, and the effective participation of women as representatives of the co-operative economy.

Crowdfund Feeding The Revolution in Rojava!

This article is about a fund-raising campaign taken from the page on UPDATE: The fundraising campaign is now over, though there are rumours that it is still possible to donate through cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Faircoin, etc). On their Facebook page, Rojava Plan, the group has announced that they have actually raised €100,001, which is more

A conversation with the Wan Economic Commission

The DTK has set up a number of regional commissions to deal with areas such as ecology, economy, education, language, religion, culture, science, diplomacy, women and young people. We interviewed Mehmet Cengiz, Doğan Çelikbilek and Rıza Tan from the Wan (Van in Turkish) Economic Commission, which was set up by the DTK. Corporate Watch: Can

Workers’ Co-ops in the Wan Region of Bakur

In June 2015 we visited several co-operatives in the Wan region (Van in Turkish). They were set up with the support of people from the regional Economic Commission ofthe Democratic Society Congress (DTK), the umbrella organisation which aims to achieve democratic autonomy in Bakur. The DTK sees the setting up ofco-operatives as part ofthe creation

Democratic Confederalism in Kurdistan

The Kurdish region is currently undergoing a transformation. People are organising themselves in grassroots people’s assemblies and co-operatives, declaring their autonomy from the state and their wish for real democracy. Feminist and anti-capitalist ideas are flourishing. These changes are inspired by a new idea: democratic confederalism. These movements have the capacity to transform the reality

Democratic Economy Conference in Wan

The Democratic Economy Conference convened in 8-9 November in Wan, with the slogan ‘Let us communalize our land, water and energy; let us build a democratic and free life’. In the conference, where preparations had been under way for nearly a year, the economy of Kurdistan was analysed with respect to agriculture, trade, finance and